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Welcome to Mac Surgical

For more than 20 years MAC Surgical Pty Ltd has focused on advanced technologies and products to enhance precision in every aspect of implant products.

Through these innovative products and services provided, MAC Surgical is forging a pathway enabling a better outcome for all implant surgery.

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our services

Providing a comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic products

Mac Surgical is proud to announce that we are representatives of Permedica (Italy), which provides the latest Surgical products.

For the production of our microsurgical precision instruments, we rely on the following qualified production processes, which we also offer as a contract manufacturing service:

CNC milling

CNC turning

CNC grinding

Laser welding

Our Products

Permedica is Structured To Meet All The Design Requirements.

Monolitic stem

Monolitic stem Cemented

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Cementless Stems

Cemented Stems

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JUMP System

JUMP System PE

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JUMP System Traser

JUMP System TRASER Revision

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